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DMS SOLUTIONS is a leading Web development company in Pune. Be it custom e-commerce and Application Development for Internet Marketing and Graphic Design, DMS SOLUTIONS is your believed accomplice in that will give you an incorporated and successful arrangement in one spot. At DMS SOLUTIONS we plan, structure and build up the most ideal system for your site for incredible and focused on results.

Improve website’s performance

The speed and performance of your website is more important today than ever before. Users’ expectations have grown and their patience has decreased. If a website loads too slowly, users will quickly move on to another site rather than waiting another second or two. Even if users do not run away, a slow site will leave them disappointed, frustrated, and likely to abandon your site even in the midst of shopping.

Furthermore, Google has clearly stated that the speed of a site will affect a site’s ranking in the search results. So in order to keep both your users and Google happy, it is important to pay attention to site speed.

While the title of this blog post might imply that optimizing the speed of your website is simple, that is not really the case. Instead, what I want to do in this post is share with you five of the most effective things you can do to speed up your site.

Advantage of Web Development

  • Improve Your Advertising Effectiveness

  • Save Money on Printing and Distribution Costs

  • Easy Access to New Customers

  • Improve Productivity

  • Expand Your Market

  • Promote & Sell Products & Services

  • Your Own Internet Identity

  • Build Your Reputation

Our Core Focus


Pingdom by using this tool Website Speed Test to analyze the load speed of your websites, and learn how to make them faster.


We are using Hosting Raja dedicated Linux servers are secure and rarely crash. They’re designed with security features such as anti-spyware, malware, and firewall services.


As in the Website Development package we are providing 5 free Business Webmail accounts. 


Responsive website design is an only website that adjusts to the devices of each exclusive visitor, whether desktop, smartphone, or tablet.


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